Daily Routine

Our nursery subscribes to the High/Scope Approach to education, which encourages children to Plan, Do and Review their activities.

All 2-4 year old children mix during the High/Scope session, when they follow their own plans. They are also encouraged to socialise at mealtimes. At other times the children are in their base rooms; with their keyperson. The groups are based on age and the time of year the child was born (i.e. Autumn, Spring, Summer).

The 3-4 years age groups have a ratio of eight children to one keyperson, 2 year olds have a ratio of four children to one keyperson and under 2's have a ratio of three children to one keyperson.

The High/Scope environment is designed to encourage the child’s active learning. Our rooms are divided into different work areas and interest centres so that the children are able to find and use materials that are of particular interest to them.

The Plan-Do-Review Sequence

This sequence provides for a variety of interactions between child and adult, and child and child. Since the routine is consistent, children feel secure and in control as they plan, do and review activities they have initiated themselves. These experiences enable them to challenge and extend their existing abilities as well as build confidence and self-esteem.


The emphasis is on language and helping each child to gain confidence when talking to a group. The children discuss the work they would like to do and, with adult help, write or illustrate this.


For one hour the children follow their plan. They may change this, but they must discuss their change of plan with one of the adults. At tidy up time, children and adults work together to put equipment and resources back in the right places.


Once the children have returned to their base and keyperson they talk about their work and show any models or work they have created. The keyworker then directs an activity based on the child’s ability. These activities include colour, shape, number recognition, phonic work and writing practice. During this time we build upon their essential key experiences. Large group time is used for a range of activities including stories, rhymes, singing, music and games.