The Nursery

The detached nursery is situated approximately 100 yards from the beach in a quiet residential street.

The two storey brick building has three spacious rooms used as base areas, a kitchen with utility room, toilet facilities for adults and children and an office on the ground floor. There is a library, arts room, toilets for staff and children, an office and a staff room on the first floor. There is also a purpose built single storey unit for the under 2s on site.

The nursery from the front
The creative room

The Creative Room

Our large creative room is located downstairs and we use it for all sorts of activities including painting, modelling and sand sculpting.

The imagination room

The Imagination Room

This room is for dance, music and movement, construction and imaginative activities.

A row of computers at a desk

The Thinking Room

Also known as the cognitive development room, this section of the nursery has an office area where the children practice mark making, computer skills etc. We also encourage various language and mathematical games in this room.

A summer house and play area in a garden

The Garden

We have a secure paved area at the front of the premises and a garden with a summer house at the back. The nursery's garden is used for planting, growing and investigating the natural world, as well as providing space for vigorous play.

A play area for under 2 year olds

The Under 2s Unit

The unit for under two's can only be accessed when senior staff recognize the person wishing to enter. This building has an entrance hall, kitchen, child and staff toilet areas and a large play room. There is a large covered veranda overlooking the garden.

More Info

Radiators are used to heat the rooms with large and small opening windows (inaccessible to the children) to provide ventilation. Temperature gauges are in use in each room to ensure an ambient temperature. The toilet areas have opening windows. The water is thermostatically controlled and checked by staff before the children wash their hands or use the water.

The office which is situated by the front door, has a large window which overlooks the front gate and front door. The second office upstairs which is used by the Principal and a resident Speech Therapist is also available when necessary. All confidential information is filed and stored safely in a locked cupboard in the office.

OFSTED Inspected

We have been throughly inspected and checked through OFSTED. You can view our latest report online.

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